State Council issues Shanxi development guideline

China's State Council issued a guideline in deepening reform and economic upgrading through encouraging new economic drivers, as well as energy consumption reforms, in north China's Shanxi province. It aims to boost local development from its restriction on traditional resources.

The guideline points out that Shanxi, being China's traditional base for energy and traditional industries, is among the key pilot areas for China's resource-based economic upgrading, and has played an important role in China's resource-based economic transition.

The guideline set a goal that by 2020, the province will attain certain achievements in supply-side reform in key sectors, as well as tangible results in energy reform. This will help to build a comprehensive mechanism of a resource-based economic transition. The guideline urged improvements for clean and efficient utilization of coal, as well as a greater proportion of research investment on local development.

Deepening the "Made In China 2025 Strategy" also will be a key priority in the next couple of years, the guideline said, as well as a good combination of industrialization and information-based development. The guideline said that the government will give incentives to encourage smart manufacturing, information technology, new energy automobiles and the like in Shanxi to boost industrial upgrades and transition.